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MINIT, a water heater powered by Bitcoin energy

Warmth is the basis of your comfort. MinIT allows you to simply produce them, while generating cryptocurrencies.


From a patented technology


How does MinIT work?

Connected to your oil or gas installation, MinIT recovers and stores the heat produced by Bitcoin mining, and supplements your main heating system.

MinIT integrates chips dedicated to cryptocurrency mining and a storage balloon

Chips produce heat while mining cryptocurrencies

The heat from the chips is recovered and stored in the tank

MinIT complements your existing heating solution

You receive the mined cryptocurrencies directly on your crypto wallet

You regularly get a cashback in cryptocurrency on your heating bill

Order in 3 steps


Fill the audit form

Click on the "Get your free audit" button then complete the audit form. You'll receive a personalized simulation and the associated quote.


We are approaching you to validate your need

We validate the technical and logistical aspects with you, then provide you with an order form to complete and return to us signed.


You pay 50% of the invoice upon signing the order form

When signing the order form, you agree to pay a deposit of 50% of the total amount. The remaining 50% is due  upon delivery.

Order your MinIT today

Your heating solution of the future

Discover the benefits of MinIT

Reduce your gas or oil consumption

MinIT produces additional electric heat on demand, reducing the consumption of your main heating system. It mainly aims to reduce your dependence on fossil fuels (fuel oil, gas) whose prices are rising sharply.

Reduce your CO2 emissions

MinIT avoids the release of more than 1 kg of CO2 for each hour of operation. By adopting an electric heating system, you will reduce your CO2 emissions by 11.5 tonnes per MinIT each year (based on the French energy mix and in comparison with an oil heating system).

Receive mined coins securely

Mined cryptocurrencies are paid directly to your wallet through the pool of your choice. You recover between 7 and 50€* per day in the form of Bitcoin**

*With a MinIT 140.

**Bitcoin mining profitability fluctuates significantly. This calculation is based on observed performances over the past 4 years. This is an indication: Past performance does not guarantee future results.

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